On Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Ambassador Tibor P. Nagy talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about the latest developments in the Middle East and Africa and other international affairs.

The United Nations general assembly is set to convene today amidst continued unrest in the Middle East and a recent surge of violence in Africa. Over the weekend, a militant group in Nairobi, Kenya, launched an assault on a shopping mall and killed dozens of civilians. Nagy said the group responsible for these bombings, the Shabab, has ties with Al-Queda, and that the Somali population in this area has always had strong terrorist sects, as shown when our U.S. embassy in Kenya was bombed over 15 years ago.

Another major topic of discussion for the UN this week will be Syria and their chemical weapons. Nagy explained that Syria has until November to destroy their means of activating their weapons, and that the U.S, Britain and France are working on a resolution to enforce it. Nagy also pointed out that Russian president Vladmir Putin has taken full advantage of the situation and now comes across as a major world leader. He added that despite all this, the United States is still the preeminent world power, but our recent international policies and strategies have been severely lacking.

"We are the preeminent world power. It's our ships that protect all the sea lanes, everybody knows that...it's just that we are misplaying our hand, we're clumsy at
diplomacy, and we are very, very clumsy at world strategy. And when we have a President who dithers and changes his mind every other day, we just cannot project the power
that we actually possess."

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