Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott released a 30-second campaign advertisement last week and it is garnering some negative attention.

The brief advertisement features the Attorney General sitting in a movie theatre and encouraging viewers to join his text message campaign. The Austin based cinema, Alamo Drafthouse, which is notorious for their strict no-phones policy, released a reaction to Abbott’s video. Alamo Drafthouse creates many unique spots for their screenings and used Abbott’s video to further their campaign of removing cell phones from the cinema-going experience. The satirical video took Abbott’s ad but changed the overlay of his name and title to say, “Greg Abbott, Avid Theater Talker.”

Alamo Drafthouse, which recently opened a franchise in Lubbock, also created a Twitter campaign, #DONTTALK, to further their agenda. CEO and Founder of Alamo Drafthouse Tim League released a statement on their website.

"The only thing worse than talking in a theater is a politician talking in a theater telling you to text,” said League. "This isn’t about where you sit on the political debate it’s about when you sit in a movie theater. At the Alamo Drafthouse, we believe in two things: freedom and quiet cinemas.”



Alamo Drafthouse response: