Ever been stuck on a long flight with a crying child? Unless you have a really good pair of noise-cancelling headphones, it can be a very infuriating experience. But one airline is doing something about it.

Starting next year, AirAsia Airlines will be offering "Quiet Zones" on their flights. These are specially designed areas of the plane where children will not be allowed to sit.

Low-cost airline AirAsia will ban children under 12 in rows 7-14, the rows directly behind the airline's premium flat bed seats, "because we know that sometimes all you need is some peace and quiet for a more pleasant journey with us. "

According to the carrier's web site, no travelers with a person under 12 in their group will be able to book those seats. Travelers without kids who wish to reserve the kid-free seats can do so at no extra cost on the carrier's web site.

The new section is called Quiet Zone. According to AirAsia, it offers:

- minimal noise with less disturbance

- seats near the front of the aircraft

- ambiance with soft lighting

If these "Quiet Zones" work as well as AirAsia hopes, I'd like to see this implemented on some of our own domestic flights as well. With the abundance of rowdy, undisciplined kids and their parents who do nothing about their kids' behavior, as well as some industries like restaurants already offering kid-free areas,  this seems like a logical next step. It sure sounds better than being stuck next to a screaming baby all the way from New York to Seattle.