The controversial activist group, Occupy Lubbock, is claiming that a candidate for Lubbock Mayor will speak to their group tomorrow.

This morning on Facebook, Occupy Lubbock, stated that Glen Robertson will, "be conducting a teach in on the LP&L situation". The Occupy Lubbock gathering with Robertson is scheduled for 5p tomorrow.

Robertson is challenging Mayor Tom Martin in the May Election.


UPDATE 8:40p April 20, 2012

Glen Robertson, tonight just before 8:30p, released a statement concerning tomorrow's appearance at Occupy Lubbock:

"I am speaking to the Occupy Lubbock group. They were planning to picket LP&L and do not have good information. I will be speaking to them as an EUB (Electric Utility Board) member and not a Mayoral candidate. While I respect their right to protest, I feel that they are protesting the wrong entity because of misinformation."
Glen Robertson