A few days ago I wrote about survival tips for the winter weather we are going through. Even though we still have temps that are just stupid cold, I'd like to reflect on how everyone did in response to the weather. Overall, we did alright Lubbock. No major accidents (yet) and the City was on top of things as far as roads are concerned. There are really only two areas I'd like to critique.

1. The people. Seriously folks, do you really have to make a mad dash to the store in order to stock up on things? Do you not watch the seven or five day forecasts? Everyone knew the cold weather was going to hit us. It wasn't a surprise at all. And why even stock up? This wasn't a blizzard. Sure, it's cold outside but if I really needed something from the store, I'd go get it. Stocking up the day of/before a storm seems silly to me.

2. The schools. LISD and everyone else who didn't let everyone know Monday night that they were canceling on Tuesday... seriously? Again, we knew this was going to happen. We all knew you were going to cancel classes. Hell, you probably knew you'd cancel. So why wait until the next morning at 5am to let us know? You could have saved people time and a good nights rest if you just would have canceled on Monday. It also would have prevented that phone call from waking up kids at 5am. I know you guys hate to cancel school, but when does common sense come into play?

I almost forgot a group of people...

3. Dog owners. Not all dog owners, just those with dogs that have been left outside. I understand that not everyone has space to bring their big outside dogs inside the house. To you, I kinda give a pass. Though, I hope you provided some shelter to your pet. However, to those who could bring their dogs in, but didn't. Shame on you. I took my dog out to do "her business" and she was shaking after 2 minutes outside. I couldn't imagine keeping a dog outside with the temps we've had. Please be responsible and bring your dogs in tonight. It's going to get even colder tonight and while they do have hair on their bodies, they probably aren't used to 0 degree temps. Just a guess.