On last week's Geek Girl Report, we took a look at a few of the rumors surrounding the release of Apple's newest iPad. The new tablet was officially announced last Wednesday, and while a lot of the suspected rumors turned out to be true, Apple still had a few surprises for its new tablet, for better or for worse. Here's a closer look at the new iPad:

As expected, the big feature of the new iPad is the high-resolution screen. The new iPad boasts a 2,048 by 1,536 pixel display, a resolution four times better than that on Apple's iPad 2. This, along with the new AX5 dual-core processor, will allow for some of the best visual displays you can get on a tablet. Another big feature is the long-awaited LTE support for the tablet, a much faster data network that Apple had been missing out on for a while now.

One of the biggest surprises, and biggest disappointments, was Siri. Apple's digital assistant program, which was such a hit on the iPhone 4s, is not really present on the new iPad, although it has been reported that the tablet will have voice dictation technology. Another surprise was the name of the iPad itself; it's not "iPad 3," or "iPad HD,"  just the "new iPad." (Really? You couldn't come up with a better name than that?)

If you're a hardcore Apple fan and want to get your hands on the new iPad, well...you're gonna have to wait in line. The new iPad was scheduled for a March 19th release in the US, but as expected from a new Apple product, the new iPad is already sold out of its launch-day supply, and those who pre-ordered the new iPad are now being told to expect a 2-3 week delay on their order.

You should also be prepared to pay some big bucks for the new iPad. Prices for the 16GB and 64GB models range between $499 and $699. If you want the 3G/4G LTE support, the prices jump to $629 and $829. For those of you who aren't ready to shell out upwards of $850 for a tablet, but still want an iPad, you can purchase the 16 GB iPad 2 at a lower price of $399, or $529 for the 3G model.