If you're like me, you have a tendency to get a little nutty this time of year. It's summer, we are about to celebrate our amazing country's birthday and fireworks stands are open! But it's important to stay safe, too.

The 4th of July can easily out of hand if you don't have a grasp on the best way to go about it and the top things to avoid.

I spoke with Jeff McKito, Public Information and Marketing Manager for the City of Lubbock, who said that the best rule of thumb is to "be safe, have fun and use common sense."

Here are some do's and don'ts straight from the city to you.

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    Fireworks are illegal in the city limits

    And the city means it! You are subject to tickets and fines if you are caught setting fireworks off anywhere withing the city limits.

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    Watch your kids

    Jeff warns us to keep an eye on our kids. Make sure they aren't trying to light fireworks themselves and make sure they aren't in the way of fireworks going off.

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    Leave space and time between you and the ignited fireworks

    Be sure you have an adequate fuse and give yourself time to get away from the fireworks once they are ignited.

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    Keep a bucket of sand or water handy

    We all have the best intentions, but sometimes a firework can blow over or something else happens that causes fire to spread on the ground.

    McKito advises us to keep a bucket of water or sand handy to nip runaway blazes in the bud.

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    Don't point lit fireworks at each other

    This is a big one. Sometimes it seems like it will be so funny to point a firework at someone and make them run. Funny, funny, funny...until it all goes horribly awry and you set someone on fire. After all, they are explosives.

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    Be safe and have fun

    It's a time to celebrate our great country and to enjoy the blessings in our lives: friends, family and fun.

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  • Bonus

    Do you remember Rimrock City?