A man in Galveston walking along the East Beach found 30 bags of cocaine, estimated to be worth $175,000.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Galveston police say the bags were unmarked and contained no identifying information.

Oddly, this isn't the first time drugs have been found on this beach.

Back in 2010, a woman found 16 bricks of cocaine worth an estimated $2.1 million. A jogger on the beach found 25 bricks of cocaine valued at around $675,000 in 2011. And in 2008, a man found a large brick of marijuana washed ashore on Crystal Beach.

Police have said in the past that drug runners often throw drugs overboard when being pursued by the U.S. Coast Guard and that it sometimes washes ashore.

This is the THIRD incident of someone finding cocaine in strange place in Texas in the last few weeks. You can read about the other two at the links below.