Millions of Americans make New Years Resolutions. It something that is done every year and sometimes they work out, sometimes they don't. Okay, most of the time they don't. The most popular resolutions seem to be about getting in shape and spending more time with family and friends which are great and very important. While it's fine to make resolutions about things that will make us healthier and happier, why not make some resolutions about our spiritual life.

The other day I was sitting around and thinking about the past few years and the spiritual growth that I had experienced. I had been attending church every Sunday, was involved and lead a small group, and attended prayer nights. Was I 100% all the time? No. I got into a rut and when wedding time came around it gave me the excuse of being too busy to do things. After the wedding my wife and I started to get back into a routine of going to church, but then Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled around and you guessed it, we were just too busy.

What started off as great thoughts turned into a slap in the face moment. It was at that point I decided to make  a few Spiritual Resolutions for myself, and possibly to give some ideas to others who might be reading this and saying to themselves that they need to work on their spiritual side.

One of the things I had decided to do, was to actually create a designated time for daily Scripture reading. I am horrible at this. I admit it. I am someone who can't sit still for very long. I have to be doing something, otherwise I might miss out on something in the news or just happening online. With the help of my iPhone I scheduled daily reminders at a certain time to sit down and read Scripture. For those who enjoy reading plans, I did a little research and found two website that had some options. You can check them out here and here.

Something else I decided to do was to get more involved at our new church home. This sounds like something pretty easy, but it took us a while to find which church we should be attending. We attended a small group meeting this week, and plan on getting even more plugged in in the weeks and months ahead.

Another resolution I made was to have a better prayer life. I have seen in the past couple of years just how important prayer is. My wife and I pray nightly together... or attempt to. It's important though to spend some time alone and pray I think. Taking some quiet time and sitting in prayer is something I'm working to improve and recommend to all.

There is my list... for now. Who knows, maybe something else will come to mind later. What are your Spiritual Resolutions for 2012?