Texans are asked to pay more attention to safety, as Texas has hit a rather sad anniversary.

The last day without a single fatality on Texas roads was 12 years ago, on November 7th, 2000.

Since this date, at least one person has died every day on a Texas highway or roadway, bringing the total to 41,252 fatalities, almost the size of the population in San Marcos.

In 2011, Texas had 3,048 traffic fatalities, the majority of which resulted from people who did not use seat belts, were drinking and driving, or driving distracted.

TxDOT points out that 28.9 percent of people killed in fatal crashes were not wearing seat belts, 34.9 percent were attributed to drinking and driving, and 13.4 percent were associated with distracted driving such as texting while driving.

One fatality on a Texas roadway is too many, and to see as many as eight or 10 in a single day is unacceptable, said Phil Wilson, TxDOT executive director. “As we acknowledge these tragic statistics, we are asking Texans to please help us make our roadways safer.”

So far in 2012, there have been 2,545 fatalities on Texas roads. Drivers are urged to pay attention, buckle seat belts, put the phone away, use the left lane for passing only, never drink and drive, and obey traffic laws.