A Christmastime tradition for music at Texas Tech will take place next week.

The 11th Annual Caprock Celtic Christmas serves as a fundraiser for the Vernacular Music Center Scholarship endowment, and will feature singers, players, musicians, storytellers, and others to perform traditional Celtic repertoire for the season.

Tom McGovern, a native of Ireland, will host the event, and performers such as Appalachian fiddler Doug Goodhart and bouzouki player Roger Landes will perform, in addition to Tech’s Irish Set-Dancers, the Celtic Ensemble, and the Early Ensemble.

“Its goal is to create a shared participatory experience of community for everyone present,” said Christopher J. Smith, director of the Vernacular Music Center. “It starts with a circle around a fireside, but that circle expands and expands to include everyone present and across the internet.”

The Caprock Celtic Christmas will take place at 7 p.m. December 15th in the Allen Theatre. The event will also stream live online. To watch the Caprock Celtic Christmas online, click here during the performance.